Nothern Nevada Kart Club
Karting in the high desert


Frequently asked Questions

 Does NNKC rent Go-karts or Equipment?
No, NNKC facilitates races and provides a location for family friendly racing.

Are there other companies that can rent karts?
Check out the local resources page to find business that provide arrive-and-drive or rentals.

What is the cost to race?
NNKC members get discounted race fees. The cost to race is $45 for a member and $65 for a non-member. If you do not have a transponder then you will need to rent one for the day for $10. If you want to buy a transponder you can do so here. This needs to be a kart specific transponder.

What about the people that are not racing?
Anybody that will be on the blacktop and wants to help the racer, or watch, will need a wristband. This is to help cover the cost of insurance in case something happens at the track. Wrist bands are $5 and the spectator needs to sign a waiver. There are a set of bleachers that are free for spectators that do not want to be on the blacktop.

What kind of safety equipment do I need?
All drivers need a Snell 2010 rated helmet, gloves, and closed toed shoes, along with arms and legs being covered completely. Kids (<16) need a neck brace and the young kids(<9)  need a chest protector.

What is the Snell helmet rating?
The SNELL rating is specifically for motor sports. Every 5 years there is a new rating (2010, 2015, 2020) and that new rating is good for 10 years. If there is a significant accident for a helmet, it should be replaced. The SNELL 2010 helmets are good until 2020, at which time a helmet will have to be upgraded to SNELL 2015 or 2020.

What are the different classes?
Classes are made up of both age ranges and motor packages. The age ranges are as follows:
Kid Kart:               5-8
Junior-1:              9-11
Junior-2:              12-15
Senior:                  16+
Masters:              40+
The motor packages that run for points are on the website on this page. If you have a motor package that is not mentioned, you can still bring your kart, and we will find a place for you to race. For championship points, there need to be 3 karts to a class.

Can I race a motor package that I do not see on the website?
There are many motor packages out there, and we do not want to prevent anyone from racing. If you bring your kart to the track on race day we will find a place for you to race. If you just want to come out and practice, then with a membership you can at any time.

Can I race without a membership?
You do not need a membership to race at the track. Without a membership you will need to pay practice day fees ($35 per person per day) on non-race days.  

Do I need an NNKC membership?
An NNKC membership will get you a key to the race track. With the key you can go to the track at your convenience to practice. You will also benefit from reduced race day fees, and you can earn points on race day towards end of the year awards.

What is the race format?
All classes racing at NNKC will go through the same format. There are several classes that will be racing. And all the classes will be cycled through for each of the practice, qualifying, heat 1, heat 2, and the main event. Here is an example schedule for race day:
8:30am - Drivers meeting
9:00am – Practice starts (5 min for each class)
9:30am – Qualifying starts (5 min for each class)
10:00am – Heat 1 starts (each class runs 10 laps)
11:30am – Heat 2 starts (each class runs 10 laps)
12:15pm – Lunch break (30min)
12:45pm – Main event starts (each class runs 14 laps)
4:00pm – Trophy presentation.

How do I get championship points?
In order to be eligible for a championship at the end of the year there are a few tasks that must be met.
1.       The racer must be a member to accumulate championship points
2.       The racer must complete the equivalent of 2 workdays to contribute to the club.
3.       There must be 3 karts in a class to accumulate points for the class
4.       There must be 5 races that have at least 3 karts in the year to be eligible for championship awards.