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Mike Arnold Memorial Enduro


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It all started when…

Mike Arnold was a great influence at NNKC in recent years. Not only was he an avid racer, but he gave back to the karting community. We would like to honor Mike and his wife Darlene by memorializing him in the annual enduro race. Mike was a big supporter in getting an enduro at the track and also helped with all the track work that needed to be done to prepare NNKC for an enduro.

Race information

Thank you to the Syd White Memorial Enduro. They put on a great event, and NNKC has modeled this race off of theirs. The more people that enter the race, the bigger the purse gets! That’s right this is a money race. For each entry in a class the purse goes up. We have limited pit space so please register early! You can Pre-Register at the bottom of the page, or here.

  • 4 cycle enduro from 9am to 12pm

    • Jr-2 LO206 (12-15) (310 lbs)

    • Senior LO206 (16+) (360 lbs)

    • Masters LO206 (40+) (390 lbs) (or 200+lb driver)

    • Senior World Formula (365 lbs)

  • 2-cycle enduro from 12:30pm-2:30pm

    • Open 2-stroke

  • Cash pot for the winners!

  • Counter clockwise direction. Track 5

  • LeMans style start

  • Pre-registration is Mandatory

  • One pit spot per kart. Spots are assigned during registration

  • 2-4 drivers per team.

  • $300 per 4-cycle team, $200 per 2-cycle team.

  • Crew: $20 each, adult spectators - $10, children 6 and under $6.

  • Maximum 2 sets of tires per team. (as many rain tires as necessary)

  • Shell 87 octane pump fuel. Please purchase from Shell on Lemmon Dr.

  • Tires

    • Evinco blue for LO206

    • Open for 2 stroke

Basic rules

*** Three pit stops minimum. This will be Verified. A fiberglass seat “insert” painted fluorescent orange & approved by the Tech director Saturday morning may be used to help smaller drivers fit in larger seats. No weight of any kind may be added to the seat insert. seat insert weight may not exceed 5 lbs and will be weighed with kart.

  • (6) people max in pit box at any time. ( crew & drivers ) Unlimited chassis adjustments/ must use one kart for whole race.

  • May use a second engine if first (failed ) engine is presented to tech director  during race. Second engine will be sealed at this point and may be used. Second engine will not be sealed ahead of time.

  • Top 4 karts in each class enter post- race tech.

  • You may repair your team’s engine or kart only in your pit box/ area.

  • Engine will be off during driver change. (Anytime a butt is not fully in the seat the engine must be off).

  • All 4 cycle drivers must each be on track at least 30 minutes total and max of 130 minutes total

  • All 2 cycle drivers must each be on track at least 20 minutes and max of 70 minutes total.

  • Fuel jugs will be standard, unmodified 2 – 5 gal container. No Nascar style “dump” cans or pressure type fuel jugs. See tech director if there are any concerns. Teams using a modified / non-conforming fuel jug during the race will be penalized – see penalties section.

  • 2.37 gallon (9L) kart fuel tank max. No chain oilers

  • All drivers must fit correctly in seat – tech inspector to verify.

  • MAX SPEED ON PIT LANE IS 15mph. Speeding in the hot pits, overly aggressive driving, repeated contact, repeated cone killing, or fuel/ oil spills may result in being held in penalty box at head of hot pits.

  • All drivers, crew & spectators will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  • IKF rule book will be used.

  • For LO206 classes the Briggs and Stratton rules will be used. Pop-up of 0.05” will be OK for 2019.

  • No smoking in pit. (paved area ).

Class weight formula

Average driver weight is the weight of all the drivers divided by the number of drivers:

  • (WeightDriver1 + WeightDriver2 +WeightDriver3 + WeightDriver4) / (#ofDrivers) = Average driver weight

    • 2-4 drivers per team.

(kart weight) = class weight - (Average Driver Weight)

  • For qualifying the driver and the kart must meet minimum class weight regardless of other drivers.

  • Ballast weight cannot be added or removed from the kart during the race.


  • Qualifying will happen on Saturday at 2pm.

  • Two 5 minute sessions for each class.

  • Two different drivers for each team. The best combined time for each team will determine starting order.

  • Driver and Kart must make minimum class weight at the end of the qualifying session.

  • Qualifying tires count as 1 set of tires for the race. Both sets need to be marked at the end of qualifying.



  • Speeding in pit lane – Penalty Box (PB) stop & go - after return to track

  •  Speeding in pit lane -- Major - 15 seconds PB stop – after return to track

  • Passing when yellow flag is out – PB Stop & go

  • Unsafe re-entry to track --- (anywhere) --- PB stop & go

  • Overly aggressive driving/ avoidable contact -- PB stop & go

  • Overly aggressive driving/ avoidable contact -- second time, PB - 30 seconds

  • Overly aggressive driving/avoidable contact --- Third time, PB - 60 seconds

  • Overly aggressive driving /avoidable contact – fourth time - PB – parked For 20 min .

  • Engine on & no butt in seat ---- PB stop & go - right after violation

  • Crew/driver camped in pit lanes ( more than 10 sec)--- PB stop & go - right after violation.

  • Spectator in your pits --- PB stop & go – after violation - each occurrence.

  • Fuel or oil spills that are not cleaned up immediately: PB stop & go. large spill: 1 min PB stop & go

  • More than 6 pit crew servicing kart. PB Stop & go

  • Driver not in kart for not long enough or for too long -- 10 lap penalty

    • All 4 cycle drivers must each be on track at least 30 minutes total and max of 130 minutes total

    • All 2 cycle drivers must each be on track at least 20 minutes and max of 70 minutes total.

  • Non compliance – tech item – example – modified fuel tank used during race or weights not sealed - penalty : loss of 10 to 50 laps after race / DQ

  • Disrespect for any official or volunteer / intentional wrecking --- parked


  • All Black flags will be accompanied by a Number board.

  • If you receive a black flag do not go to your pit ! please complete the lap your on and drive directly to the Penalty box at the re- entry end of pit lane to serve your penalty. To clarify, you may not pit after you have been black flagged - until you have served the penalty. Failure to follow this rule will result in another black flag. If you repeatedly fail to obey a black flag you will be dropped from scoring .

  • Meat ball flag – your kart has a mechanical problem – please exit track on next lap. Report to your pit – a pit steward will tell you what mechanical problem you have.

  • A single yellow flag means that there is a hazard ahead. Get your hand up, no passing and you need to slow down (for the safety of volunteer workers) until past the yellow flag area.

  • Red flag – get your hand up!!! Do not pass!!! please come to a slow, controlled stop, on track and stay in your kart. Please wait for directions. No team members may go on track during a red flag.


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Please use the contact form for any questions or concerns. If the question or concern comes up enough we may changes the rules listed here.